Leisure Boat Marine Education
Save time and money
Fast, Effective and very enjoyable
low cost alternative
to Conventional Tuition
Much faster than via any other
marine tuition available!
Be safer on the water
within only two days
or, for those really in a hurry
within 16 hours!
Free DVD
About Tele-Pilot Good Life
Save more time and money
40 Mins. of FREE advice
and comparisons.
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Leisure craft pilotage on DVD
Over 60 hours of collective viewing
Going Cruising? Looking for simple clear
port and passage information?
Is cruising boat charter of interest to you?
Expand your cruising
via 30 comprehensive PILOTAGE DVDs
Thames, Solent, Channel Islands,
West Country & The Isles Of Scilly.
Tele-Pilot Certificate of Competency
Advice notes regarding the Certificate
The Tele-Pilot Certificate will confirm that those having undergone and PASSED the Telephone Test are judged proficient and safe when Skippering a Leisure Craft on the water. Evidence of your being a qualified person to Navigate a Leisure Craft within UK and Continental Waters. This may be essential information should one be dealing with a Charter Company, Insurance Company, Coast Guard or any other official body that may inquire of your qualifications for whatever reason.
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