(The DVD series now boasting over 30 DVD's with a collective running time of over 60 hours of Pilotage and Marine Education)

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About Tele-Pilot, the largest marine DVD series ever.

Tele-Pilot provides a very fast and enjoyable knowledge of Safe Navigation, Seamanship and Pilotage. Tele-Pilot marine education is actually based upon boat Pilotage.

The Series is produced for those already Cruising and those who would love to cruise aboard a Motor or Sail Boat.

Who will find the Series of greatest benefit?

Anyone already involved with boat Navigation and Seamanship.

Those interested in expanding their knowledge and wanting to improve confidence.

All dinghy and small boat sailors that would love a larger boat or to become more adventurous.

Those also that feel they would love to navigate on the water but to date have thought it beyond their means or ability.

Those that have not before considered the possible oportunity of becoming boating involved.

What you will see within THIS TWO PART DVD?

This free DVD outlines a much faster and very effective way of learning Boat Navigation and Seamanship for a much lower cost than conventional methods.

In Part One

(14 mins. NEW Cost) you are about to see footage of many NEW contrasting Yachts and Motorboats, viewed as we walk the pontoons of the Southampton Boat Show.

Via the narrative you are soon very aware that you should not part with your money until you are confident of what is involved in safely navigating and skippering a boat. Advice that you should consider the costs and the length of time needed to absorb the necessary knowledge required.

Included is information on our unique Telephone Test and confirming that a pass will boost your confidence that you know what is necessary to be safe on the water.

Some very relavent Tuition cost points are made and the fact that via our series, the whole family or the whole crew can also benefit from the knowledge provided at no additional cost, plus other large cost saving advantages and options well worth considering when comparing conventional tuition and this great DVD series tuition.

Part Two

(26 mins. LOW Cost) Very different to part one, more for those that feel they are unable to 'splash the cash'.

Part two is more about lower prices, pre-used boats and savings that can be made.

Information to inspire and re-think their options for those that have thought the delights of cruising quite beyond their ability, or unaffordable.

Also part two goes well beyond pacing the Boatshow pontoons by outlining the vast contrasts of boats and running costs. Much more about what Tele-Pilot has to offer as a full package of leisure craft learning.

The delight of good weather boating plus the excitement of heavy weather, shown in two outtakes from each of our two Tuition Packages, the sequences are off Dover, also off Anvil Point, South of Poole.

Included also just some detail of Producer Instructor Capt. Gary Williams, outlining instructor 'Track Record' as being very important when making the choice of obtaining instruction and advice.

For those new to the water and Navigation

'Achieve Your Dream' DVD is a great insight into cruising involvement for those with little or no knowledge of the boats and of the environment.

Those interested but feel the expense of both boat and boat learning is out of the question, may bigin to think again. Even in these more difficult times, this short DVD may at least inspire you to make a start with your boat education and the first step into 'The Good Life'.

In just 40 minute's

The 'Good Life' is covered well and should convince you that the price of your possible Dream may not be nearly as expensive as you might have expected. Even the price of a pre-used boat may surprise you.

If you have an interest in boating and the water at home or abroad,
We are confident that you will find this FREE forty minutes both enjoyable and informative.
This FREE offer is our latest Welcome Aboard for both existing and new customers.

The T e l e - P i l o t
Safe Navigation and Seamanship Boat Education DVD Series.

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